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Michigan Film Tax Incentives – Best in the Nation

Michigan Film Incentive is a Hit!

A Michigan State University study declares the Michigan Film Incentive is a Major Hit! With 32 films completed in 2008 alone the program is well on its way to achieving its goal of stimulating the Michigan film and television production industry. Michigan Film Production, Inc. (MFP) has lead the charge in helping craft this legislation via high level communications with the relevant parties including the Governor. Michigan Film Incentives are fully supported by the State Legislature and by Governor Granholm. Film Michigan for the 40-42% film incentive rebate.

Michigan Film – Current Facts:

Michigan Film Incentives – Production Year (2008)

Scripts Received: 221
Applications Received: 136
Applications Approved: 71
Films Shot: 32
Film Completed: 32
Post Certificates Issued: 30
Films that filed Taxes: 12
Incentive Checks Sent: 10
Incentive Checks in Process: 2
Films needing to file MB Taxes: 10

Filmmakers are required to file Michigan Business Taxes in order to receive their Incentive Check. Most have not done so to date, including studios and indie production companies.

View the complete study here:

MSU Economic Impact Study

Combined with the announcement of three major studio and stage facilities, many individual stage facilities throughout the State of Michigan and continued expansion of the labor pool, Michigan film industry is the growth industry the incentives set out to empower.

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