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Michigan Film Tax Incentives – Best in the Nation

Michigan Film Production Opportunities

Michigan Film Production Opportunities

Michigan Film Production Opportunities are growing daily as the Michigan film incentives continue to attract large amounts of production dollars, personnel, Michigan film crew and vendors to operate in the State of Michigan. Thanks to the legislators with vision and the incredible support of Governor Jennifer Granholm, the incentives have generated a sustainable environment for television production, feature film production, independent and studio productions, video game development and new media projects.

Michigan Film Crew

The Michigan film incentive is designed to attract and retain investment in local Michigan film crew development. This is well underway as multiple programs are announced daily designed to educate and train our residents to be fluent in the language and practice of film and television production. Hundreds, if not thousands of people are taking advantage of these programs and moving into the industry to be prepared for the employment requirements and Michigan film production opportunities coming.

Michigan Studios and Michigan Stages

Michigan Film Production, Inc. has been instrumental in not only the passage of the Michigan film incentives but also in the advancement, procurement and vision required to propel the expansion of the Michigan film studios and stages base of operations. To date the expansion has been explosive in the allocations of investment, both public and private, needed to launch the physical production studios to enable stage work in Michigan. In all parts of the State of Michigan stage and studio space is in development, construction or already online and in operation.

Michigan Film Production Opportunities – They are here, real and calling our for your participation. Contact us to get involved in the Michigan film industry.