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  1. Michigan Film Community to Hold Rally
    “Film Incentives Benefit Everyone” is the Theme
    August 18, 2009 9 AM Michigan State Capitol, Lansing Michigan

    What do Jeff Daniels and Mitch Albom have in common? They both support the Michigan Film Incentive program. As a result, more than 40 movies have either been shot in part of in their entirety in Michigan, bringing millions of dollars to Michigan businesses and people.
    These tax incentives have benefited everyone in the state by encouraging film making here. From the local party store, to the vehicle rental facilities; caterers to hotels and motels, furniture rental and auto dealers, everyone benefits from these incentives. This influx is largely in out-of-state dollars. They are a growth industry and provide much needed income to Michigan citizens and state coffers.
    Michigan has suffered more than any other state in this global economic meltdown and without these tax incentives, much of this new movie business WILL go elsewhere.
    “There is a movement on the part of some state legislators to ‘cap’ these incentives or eliminate them completely.

    “MPA is sponsoring a rally to remind legislators of the importance these tax incentives provide to our community, to all the citizens of Michigan and to eroding state revenues. If the incentives go away, so does the business and 42% of zero is still zero. We need these incentives to re-kindle the motion picture business in Michigan.”
    More than 40 years ago, more film production was done in Michigan than in Hollywood. That business went to states that enacted tax incentives. The Michigan legislature saw the wisdom in enacting these tax rebates (which are paid back only after verification and at the end of the fiscal year) to stimulate the business in April, 2008.
    The Michigan Film Incentive has been responsible for growing income from $2 million to around $125 million last year, in the worst economic downturn the state has experienced since the Great Depression. The incentives give New Hope to the state in the form of new revenue streams and New hope for workers who have lost their jobs and may lose their homes.
    MPA is calling on all interested people to come to Lansing to support these tax incentives that bring much needed dollars to Michigan. It’s an investment in the future and in a new creative GREEN economy.

    Comment by MAdler — August 6, 2009 @ 9:25 am

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