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Michigan Film Incentives Supporters Rally August 18, 2009 Lansing

Rally in Lansing on Tuesday August 18 9am – 1pm. The purpose of the event is to ward off the counter productive negative publicity being disseminated in the media about the demise of the film bills. Film incentives benefit everyone is the theme. 60% of nothing is nothing! This is new money that would not have come to Michigan had it not been for these visionary bills. We will have signs for the thousand people we NEED to see on the east steps of the Capital Tuesday morning. Bring a chair, an umbrella and your support for the incentives!

Now the Governor has proposed a counter to the Senate CAP at 50 Million per year. The proposal is to reduce the 42% to 30%. It is JUST a proposal and everything appears to be on the table SO Show your support for current incentives OR A BETTER PLAN!

Here we go again. Now, the Governor is still a strong advocate, however with the budget going south it is increasingly attractive for legislators to want to ‘find’ more money by killing “Give aways’ to Hollywood” If you know Rep Lund write him a note, if you know your representatives write them a note – in favor of incentives.
UPDATE: We are told that all this MAY BE continued political posturing and at the MFOAC meeting Friday MFO stated on the record that all is SAFE. Regardless we are poised: Below is a memo sent out:

I wanted to let you know of a package of bills that will be introduced by a leading republican in the State House, Pete Lund to repeal the film incentive package.  Here is a memo from him to his colleagues:
Addresses to legislators including Lund are provided after the memo…

Rep. Pete Lund (District 36) 7/21/2009 4:52 PM >>>


To:                  House Colleagues

From:              Rep. Pete Lund

Subject:           Repeal the Hollywood movie credits

Date:               July 21, 2009

In light of our $1.9 billion budget deficit, I think it’s time we re-examine our priorities.

Out of the $125 million spent by the film industry on Michigan film and digital media in 2008, only $25.1 million of that was spent on Michigan wages and salaries and $40.3 million on Michigan purchases.  Total benefit to Michigan = $65.4 million.

This influx of $65.4 million in 2008 cost the State in REFUNDABLE TAX CREDITS close to $48 million.

Senate Fiscal Agency estimated the cost of the film credits will be another $48 million for 2009 and an additional $138 million for 2010.

I have an eight-bill package that will repeal and/or sunset the credits.  It is my intention to sponsor the bill to repeal the MBT credits and co-sponsor the rest.  The following bills are available for sponsorship:

Request #         Act                                           Subject

761                  Income Tax Act                        Repeal income tax credit for tax yrs. After April 2009

3020                Mi. Strategic Fund Act             Sunset Sept. 2009, the ability of the promotion fund board to make loans or an investment in a film

3021                Management & Budget             Sunset free use of state property after Sept. 2009

3022                Mi. Military Act                        Sunset free use of military land after Sept. 2009

4016                NREPA                                   Repeal the free use of DNR lands for films.

4017                State Trans. Commission          Sunset free use of Treasury land after Sept. 2009

4018                Local Gov’t filming location       Repeals sections 123.1191 to 123.1195 which authorizes local governments to allow film companies to use land free of charge.

I will have the blue backs in my possession tomorrow morning in Grand Rapids and then in my office for the rest of the day on Wednesday. (7-22) Please let me know if you are interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring one or more of the bills in the package.

Sen. Nancy Cassis (Chairman Senate Finance Committee)

FAX – 517/373-0938

Office no. – 517/373-1758

HOME – 248/347-1631   and anyone who wants to call it, SHOULD DO SO!!

H – 22186 Daleview Dr., Novi, MI  48374 – Anyone with a stamp and printer can send all the snail mail they want.

Finance Committee Members

Sen. Jud Gilbert (vice chair, R – 25th Dist., Algonac)

Office no. 517/373-7708

FAX – 517/373-1450

District no. 810/794-3631

Sen. John Pappageorge (R – 13th Dist., Troy)

Office no. – 517/373-2523

FAX – 517/373-5669

Dist. no. – N/A

Sen. Mark Jansen (R-28th Dist., Grand Rapids)

PH – 517/373-0797

FX – 517/373-5236

Dist. no. – N/A

Sen. Gilda Jacobs (Minority Vice Chair, D-14th Dist., Huntington Woods)

PH – 517/373-7888

FX – 517/373-2983

Sen. Gretchen Whitmer (D – 23rd Dist., E. Lansing)

PH – 517/373-1734

FX – 517/373-5397

Dist. No. – 517/333-3250

Sen. Deborah Cherry (D – 26th Dist., Burton)

PH – 517/373-1636

FX – 517/373-1453

Additional enemies of film incentives:

Sen. Mickey Switalski, (D – 10th Dist, Roseville)

PH – 517/373-7315

FX – 517/373-3126

Dist. No. 586/734-2430

All Senate snail mail should go to:

P.O. Box 30036

Lansing, MI  48909-7536

Rep. Pete Lund (R – 36th Dist., Shelby Twp.)

PH – 517/373-0843

FX – 517/373-5892

Dist. No. – 586/677-2175

House of Rep. mail should go to:

P.O. Box 30014

Lansing, MI  48909-7514

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