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Michigan Film Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Michigan Crew – Detroit Crew

Michigan Film Production has as one of its chief goals to create Jobs for Michigan Film. The current Michigan Film production tax credit rebate incentive package will bring film and television production to our state in an unprecedented volume. To be prepared for this production work, Michigan Crew and Detroit Crew must be ready and willing to join forces with out of state workers to achieve the production results of the Producers bringing their projects here. Michigan film production opportunities for residents is our top priority.

We will update this site with Job Opportunities for Michigan Crew Members in order to match employers (film producers, film studios, independent films, etc.) to Michigan and Detroit Production Crew members. If you are aware of a film coming to Michigan please contact us. If you are in the Michigan film, television, commercial, video, post, etc. industry please contact as well with your resume.

We are seeking to create jobs for Michigan Film Production to be the first stop for all productions. The Michigan Film Production incentive is what we have been pushing for.

Contact us for further information, suggestions and comments. We are here to help each other.

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