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‘Transformers 4′ Approved for Michigan Film Tax Incentives


The Michigan Film Tax Incentive has been approved for the major movie production of ‘Transformers 4′ it was announced today by the Michigan Film Office.   According to the Detroit Free Press the film will receive up to $20 million on an anticipated film budget spend of $82 million in the State of Michigan including the City of Detroit.



The fourth installment of the of the successful Hollywood film franchise from Paramount Pictures will be the third of the series to shoot in Detroit.   Previous filming of the Transformers movies have included ‘Transformers:  Dark of the Moon’ in 2011.   The original Transformer film also shot in Detroit in 2007.

‘Transformers 4′ will have a much larger film presence and production spend in the state than its predecessors which for ‘Dark of the Moon’ received $6MM on a $17MM film budget in state spend to support the growing Michigan film industry.


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As 2011 kicks well into gear the film sector is heating up. Sundance deals are getting done in a refreshing sign of the times. While the impact on the current film finance enviroment has been tough on the film budget landscape, movies are heading into production and Michigan remains at the forefront of the motion picture and television industry with the incredibly effective Michigan film tax incentive program. Companies from all around the world now think of Michigan when they think of making their film. While Michigan helps these filmmakers and their films get made, spending their film budget dollars here, thanks to the film incentive, we are likewise putting thousands to work, creating an industry and a film crew base second to none. Let’s all look forward to another year of incredible growth for the Michigan film production industry.

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